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Shaping the Future of Correctional Education: Nucleos's Exemplary Partnership with the Virgin Islands Bureau of Corrections

The Virgin Islands embrace technology for their correctional education, which has helped them establish one of the most impactful programs for incarcerated learners

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The integration of the Nucleos platform into VIBOC's educational structure was a smooth transition. It fit seamlessly into their existing processes, enabling an immediate impact on the inmates' learning experiences. The platform’s adaptability enabled us to cater to VIBOC's undertaking towards providing high-quality education and training for the inmates.

The secret ingredient of our platform’s content is the strength of our collaborations. The University of the Virgin Islands brought academic rigor and diverse course offerings, while Promising Peoples enriched the platform with vocational training and life skills programs. These strategic partnerships ensured a comprehensive and diverse learning experience, designed to meet the distinct needs and unlock the potentials of every learner.

USVI Bureau of Corrections Director Wynnie Testamark shares how she thinks about education and technology in corrections, with one of the first VR programs in a correctional agency, run by Promising People and supported by the Nucleos platform.

About the project

The Virgin Island's correctional education program is steps ahead of many other programs across the United States. They embrace technology to make an impact, including offering live classes that use VR to help incarcerated learners get an emmersize education education.


In their quest to ensure a holistic and sustainable rehabilitation for inmates, VIBOC recognized the urgent need for a robust and comprehensive e-learning solution. The objective was not only to provide learning opportunities but also to equip the incarcerated individuals with skills necessary for successful reentry into society.


Nucleos, with its mission-focused approach to delivering education and training solutions, emerged as the perfect partner. We offered VIBOC our unique educational platform, designed specifically for correctional environments. The platform's flexibility, scalability, and extensive content made it the ideal learning toolkit for the diverse group of inmates at VIBOC.


Our partnership with VIBOC has revolutionized their approach to correctional education. Inmates now have access to a tailored learning pathway and diversified content that accommodates their differing learning styles and topics of interest. This has empowered them with knowledge and skills that transcend beyond the walls of the correctional facility, contributing to successful community reintegration.

Our platform is not a static solution, but a dynamic tool that evolves alongside the changing needs of our partners. Nucleos is dedicated to continuous improvement, regularly refining our offerings based on feedback from VIBOC and other partners. We believe in driving meaningful transformation in correctional education, and our commitment stands firm as we strive to lead the way.

To learn more about how Nucleos can revolutionize your correctional education system, reach out to us today. Let's shape the future together.

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