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Our Story

Nucleos was founded with a mission to promote a more just society through education and training.

Our Beliefs

We believe that technological advances can help us all live better lives, but that special care needs to be taken to ensure that no one is left behind.

Our Mission

We create technology that helps everyone achieve their education, training, and career goals more effectively, but is also designed to be able to reach underserved learners in difficult places.

Who we are

Nucleos originally began as PortableCloud, an education technology project co-founded by Noah Freedman and Camila Vega in collaboration with Stanford Professor David Katzenstein. The initiative focused on aggregating leading offline educational content for under-resourced schools in developing countries, starting with projects in India, Zimbabwe, and Kenya.

Our mission took a new direction when Noah learned from an incarcerated colleague about the lack of education and training opportunities within many prison systems. Recognizing the potential for our work to make a significant impact in addressing educational and vocational access gaps in the United States, we shifted our focus to the U.S. correctional education system, where some of the most profound disparities in access and opportunity persist.

Today, Nucleos is dedicated to breaking down barriers to education and workforce development, empowering individuals in underserved communities, including those impacted by the justice system, to unlock their full potential and build brighter futures. Through our innovative digital experience platform, Achieve DXP, we deliver secure, data-driven learning solutions that connect people to life-changing educational and career opportunities.”

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