Nucleos App Partner Network

Achieve DXP provides powerful data analytics tools to help you gain deep insights into learner performance, program effectiveness, and organizational trends.
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Our network includes industry leaders such as:
Coursera partners with government agencies, non-profits, and educational institutions to provide access to job-relevant online learning. Coursera's extensive catalog spans business, technology, and data science skills from top universities and companies. Nucleos' integration with Coursera enables seamless delivery of Coursera content and credentials through Achieve DXP.
GoEducate offers a career pathways and job searching platform that bridges the gap between learners and the labor market. GoEducate's integration with Achieve DXP facilitates a seamless transition from educational achievement to employment in critical sectors such as healthcare, trades, and technology.
Google Classroom and Workspace
Achieve DXP integrates with Google Classroom and Workspace, enabling learners to access Google's suite of productivity and collaboration tools directly from the Achieve DXP interface. This integration streamlines access to Google's educational resources and tools, enhancing the learning experience.
EssentialEd provides a comprehensive suite of educational resources and assessment tools, with a focus on adult basic education, high school equivalency preparation, and workforce readiness. EssentialEd's content and assessments are fully integrated into Achieve DXP, enabling personalized learning paths and progress tracking.
Jakapa offers a comprehensive suite of digital cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) programs designed to support mental health and wellness. Jakapa's evidence-based programs are seamlessly integrated into Achieve DXP, enabling learners to access valuable mental health resources alongside their educational and vocational training.
Vant4ge Evolve
Vant4ge Evolve is a powerful case management and rehabilitation platform that supports community supervision and reentry. Achieve DXP's integration with Vant4ge Evolve enables seamless data sharing and coordination between education, workforce development, and community supervision efforts.
iT1 is a leading technology solutions provider specializing in secure IT infrastructure, hardware, and support services. iT1 partners with Nucleos to deliver the secure devices, connectivity, and technical support needed to enable learning in any environment, including justice-involved settings.
Explore the Nucleos App Partner Network to discover the wide range of integrated learning applications and platforms available through Achieve DXP.

Our network is constantly growing to include new partners and capabilities, ensuring that your organization has access to the most comprehensive, cutting-edge learning solutions.

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