Driving change through education

We empower incarcerated individuals to earn an education and build a better future by providing access to the tools they need to succeed.

Join us in creating meaningful change, and learn how Nucleos is helping people who are justice-involved to transform their lives.

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Outcomes-driven correctional education

How we help:

Best-in-class digital education, training programs, and learning management to empower correctional education and re-entry programs to reach more people, more effectively.

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Why we do what we do

Dave Dahl, a lead investor in Nucleos and co-founder of Dave's Killer Bread shares his story with us. Dave was formerly incarcerated, and accredits the educational opportunity he had in prison with much of his success. Stories like his are what drive us. We want to give everyone a chance to rebuild their life, starting with education.

Promoting a more just society

Education programs behind bars brings incarcerated individuals a chance to build themselves a better life and gives them a positive outlook for the future.

When we give people meaningful opportunities, we support a society in which formerly incarcerated people are less likely to return to prison, and in which social inequalities are reduced.

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Up to 73% of formerly incarcerated people will end up back in prison


Incarcerated people

The US makes up 4.4% of the global population, but 21% of incarcerated people



27% of formerly incarcerated people are unemployed.


Education programs

The Northwestern Prison Education program reports a “43% reduction in recidivism rates for those prisoners who participate in prison education programs.”

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Post-secondary education

The Vera Institute of Justice says post-secondary education for people in prison could cut state prison spending across the country by as much as $365.8 million annually.

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Who we work with

Nucleos is the hub that connects incarcerated individuals with the tools and resources they need to succeed

We empower corrections to provide high-quality education
The Nucleos Platform enables corrections to manage all education channels in one centralized place.

Access to education, training, and life skills is pivotal for the successful re-entry of incarcerated individuals. Nucleos makes it easy for corrections agencies to offer, manage, and maintain classes on our centralized learning management and outcomes platform.


Our centralized platform empowers corrections to manage education with ease.


Our platform has access to various educational tools to meet the needs of each agency.

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Nucleos brings your education to the people who need it the most
Nucleos puts educator’s tools in the hands of incarcerated individuals to help them build a better future.

Data shows that up to 75% of incarcerated people don’t have a GED, and even fewer have post-secondary education. We partner with educators to bring best-in-class education to incarcerated learners, helping them get a fair chance and succeed upon re-entry to society.

Let's create change

With your tools and our platform, we can empower incarcerated individuals to build a better future, reduce crime, and end recidivism.

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We partner with fair chance employers to find qualified candidates
Nucleos lets employers share their jobs so incarcerated individuals can build a career-pursuing education.

Incarcerated individuals can browse jobs to find a passion and earn an education to qualify for their careers. Once released, Nucleos connects people with employers to help them earn their dream job.

Fair chance

Over 1 in 3 Americans have something on their criminal record, and 20 million have a felony conviction. Offering fair chances opens up a large talent pool of dedicated, hard-working individuals.

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Nucleos lets you stay in touch with your incarcerated loved ones
Nucleos offers free communication tools so friends and family can stay in touch with their loved ones behind bars.

We believe in a community-oriented approach to incarceration. Incarcerated people deserve a chance to restore their lives by earning an education with the support of their loved ones. 

We offer

We offer communication tools to help friends and family stay in touch with their loved ones behind bars so that they can show their love and support.

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We need the help of community members to end recidivism
Nucleos needs your help to decrease crime and recidivism by bringing education to more incarcerated learners.

Studies show that access to education greatly reduces recidivism and leads to better outcomes for formerly incarcerated people. Nucleos wants to end mass incarcerated and recidivism through education and restorative justice


You can support restorative justice by helping bring high-quality education to correctional systems in your state. 

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Nucleos lets you securely communicate with incarcerated individuals
Nucleos offers free communication tools, making communicating important legal issues easier.

Communication is essential in all legal proceedings, so Nucleos wants to make the process as painless as possible. Legal counsel can easily communicate with incarcerated individuals in a secure manner.

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Hear from our partners

Beth Dorado
Gordon Bernell Correctional Charter School

“"Our partnership is well on its way to increasing access and opportunity for our incarcerated students. The platform helps us to increase instructional time and progress toward educational goals. Not only is it access and opportunity we are excited about, but it also relief knowing that the devices are secure”

Peter Abrahams
Director of Programs at U.S. Virgin Islands Bureau of Corrections

"Nucleos is an innovative platform that allows our incarcerated population to continue to do course work within their housing units. Nucleos stands above alternatives with their solution that is robust and inclusive to the needs of education providers, instead of just offering a canned solution with limited options.”


“In general, finding a quality, flexible, all-in-one website/platform with good security is one of the biggest challenges I face. The Nucleos platform solves this challenge for me.”
- Juvenile Corrections Lead Instructor, Oregon

What we offer

The Nucleos Learning Platform offers a broad range of education, educational communication, and entertainment tools.
We partner with accredited universities to deliver courses toward bachelor's and associate's degrees.
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Vocational training
Our platform includes a range of vocational training opportunities for mechanics, electricians, and more.
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Including external and internal communication with incarcerated individual
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Live television, single-player games, puzzles, and more are provided in a secure lock-down environment.
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Custom integrations
Nucleos’s team can build new integrations to meet the needs of each individual correctional agency.
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Job opportunities
We are building a jobs platform to help users find jobs they are interested in and pursue the education required to earn their dream job.
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Providing best-in-class education from 10+ programs

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