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Revolutionizing Correctional Education: Nucleos's Successful Partnership with the San Francisco Sheriff's Office

Nucleo's partnership with SFSO has provided thousands of incarcerated learners with free education. This study highlights the importance of the program and the impact that is has.

Team Members
San Francisco Sheriff's Office (SFSO) Five Keys Charter School SFSO Program Providers (RSVP, Man Alive, Roads to Recovery, Sisterhood) San Francisco Financial Justice Committee

The ambitious objective of The San Francisco Sheriff’s Office (SFSO) was to implement a one-to-one tablet program for incarcerated individuals to support the delivery of digital facility services. Essential elements of this objective included grievance management, messaging services, and various tools for rehabilitation, education, and training. The goal was to reduce recidivism while providing essential facility management capabilities.

SFSO wished to collaborate closely with their programs team in ensuring that the platform provided would be expandable to accommodate all existing and future educational partners, while maintaining a high level of security. The need for a secure, closed, and highly monitored system was paramount in order to ensure resources from community partners were accessible in a safe and controlled manner.

In addition, the delivery of the required hardware as a service, providing all supportive networking and secure corrections-grade tablets, was a necessity. All these services were to be provided for one fixed monthly payment, adding to the complexity of the challenge.

About the project

The City and County of San Francisco’s Financial Justice Committee was an integral part of the bid design process, placing an additional requirement that all services should be agency-paid, preventing any financial barriers for incarcerated individuals accessing key rehabilitative services.


SFSO was determined to bring educational resources within the reach of every incarcerated individual. The goal was to implement a tablet program that didn't compromise on security but still offered a wide range of educational and training resources.


Nucleos teamed up with SFSO to successfully launch the Incarcerated Person Tablet Program (IPTP). Anchored on Nucleos's robust and flexible learning platform, the program provided free access to a plethora of education and vocational training materials that served diverse learning needs.

Working in close collaboration with SFSO, Nucleos was able to bring its expertise in delivering technology-enabled learning solutions in correctional settings. Under the guidance of Nucleos's engineering leader Vikas Verma, our team customized the platform, ensuring it was secure, user-friendly, and adaptable to the specific requirements of the tablet program.

Deploying Nucleos's platform for IPTP involved seamless integration with the existing infrastructure at SFSO. The tablets, pre-loaded with the Nucleos platform, were distributed to incarcerated individuals, providing them with unprecedented access to a wide range of educational and vocational resources.


The Nucleos and SFSO partnership marked a transformative shift in correctional education, bridging the digital divide that often exists in these settings. By offering unlimited, free access to educational resources, the IPTP empowers incarcerated individuals to pursue educational and vocational interests, thereby supporting their rehabilitation process and preparing them for successful reentry into society.

At Nucleos, we believe in the power of education to transform lives. Our work with SFSO is a testament to this belief, and we continue to evolve our platform and broaden our partnerships to affect meaningful change in correctional education systems nationwide. Our platform has been featured in many news articles, including the following:

CBS News: Free tablet program for San Francisco County Jail inmates opens new doors

SF Chronicle: San Francisco’s first-in-the-nation free tablet program is a novel approach to rehabilitation in local jails

Financial Justice Committee: People over profits, a no cost tablet program

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