Connecting Incarcerated Individuals with Their Loved Ones

Welcome to Nucleos, where we understand the importance of maintaining connections with loved ones during incarceration.

Our communication tools enable incarcerated individuals accessing Nucleos tablets to stay connected with friends and family. We offer messaging, voice calls, and video calls, all at no cost to the incarcerated user or their family.

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Strengthening Bonds, Restoring Lives

At Nucleos, we believe that incarceration should serve as
a time for rehabilitation and restoration.

We recognize that staying connected with loved ones plays a crucial role in the reintegration process.

We offer tools to help incarcerated individuals rebuild their lives and foster positive relationships. By providing free communication tools, we aim to support their motivation to pursue education and facilitate a successful re-entry upon release.

Key Features and Benefits


Our platform allows incarcerated individuals to exchange messages with their loved ones, providing a means to share updates, express emotions, and maintain ongoing communication.

Voice Calls

 Nucleos enables voice calls, enabling incarcerated individuals to hear the voices of their loved ones. These personal conversations foster a sense of connection, support, and reassurance during their time of incarceration.

Video Calls

Our platform allows incarcerated individuals to interact face-to-face with their loved ones through secure video calls. These calls help bridge the physical distance and create a deeper sense of togetherness, allowing for shared moments and meaningful connections

Free of Cost

We believe communication with loved ones should not be a burden. That's why all our communication tools are provided at no cost to the incarcerated user or their family, ensuring access to meaningful connections without financial constraints.

Embrace the Power of Connection

At Nucleos, we understand that staying connected with loved ones is vital for the well-being and successful reintegration of incarcerated individuals.

Our communication tools offer a lifeline of support, motivation, and love during their time behind bars. By strengthening bonds, we help nurture positive relationships that can positively impact their journey toward rehabilitation and restoration.

Join Nucleos in Facilitating Restorative Communication

We invite you to join Nucleos in our commitment to facilitating meaningful connections between incarcerated individuals and their loved ones. Together, we can support their transformative journey, promote rehabilitation, and contribute to their successful re-entry into the community.

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Together, let's build a brighter future.

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