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Staying Connected with Incarcerated Loved One

At Nucleos, we understand the importance of maintaining connections with your incarcerated loved ones.

We believe in a community-oriented approach to incarceration, where individuals have the opportunity to restore their lives with the support of their family and friends. That's why we offer free communication tools that enable you to stay in touch with your loved ones behind bars, showing them your love, support, and unwavering presence.

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Free Communication Tools for Meaningful Connections

  • Nucleos provides free communication tools designed to bridge the
    gap between you and your incarcerated loved ones
  • We recognize that staying connected plays a crucial role in fostering positive relationships and supporting the rehabilitation process
  •  Our platform offers a range of communication options, allowing you
    to maintain regular contact, share important moments, and show
    your support throughout their journey.

Embracing Community-Oriented Incarceration

  • At Nucleos, we believe in the power of community and the role it
    plays in the rehabilitation and successful reintegration of
    incarcerated individuals
  • By offering access to education and facilitating communication,
    we strive to create an environment where individuals can restore
    their lives and build a brighter future.
  •  We understand that your support and engagement are essential
    to their growth and transformation.

How Nucleos Supports Communication

Video calls

 Our platform enables you to have face-to-face interactions with your incarcerated loved ones through secure video calls.

 Bridge the physical distance and share precious moments in real-time. Whether it's catching up on daily life or being present for important milestones, video calls allow you to connect on a deeper level and maintain a sense of togetherness.

Phone calls

 Nucleos provides a convenient and secure
way to make phone calls to your incarcerated
loved ones.

 Hearing each other's voices and having personal conversations can be incredibly comforting and uplifting. Phone calls allow you to express your support, offer guidance, and stay connected, even when physical proximity is not possible.


 Our platform offers a secure messaging feature that allows you to send and receive messages to stay connected with your loved ones.  Share updates, words of encouragement, and everyday moments that matter. Messaging provides a continuous channel of communication, allowing you to show your love and support, even when circumstances prevent physical visits or calls.connected with your loved ones.

Join Us in Building a Better Future

 By combining your educational tools with the Nucleos platform, we have the power to empower individuals,reduce crime, and end the cycle of recidivism. Let's work hand in hand to provide educationto those who need it most and create lasting change.

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