Nucleos believes that everyone should have access to 21st century learning opportunities.

Our Mission

Nucleos believes that everyone should have access to 21st century learning opportunities. Nucleos strives to promote education opportunities for underserved learners. Via our learning platform, Nucleos securely delivers the best e-learning opportunities to hard-to-reach learners.

What we do

Nucleos builds solutions to provide incarcerated youth and adults with secure personal education and training opportunities. We partner with public correctional facilities to help keep people from returning to jail or prison.

If we can help improve the quality of education, training, and therapy in jails and prisons, then we can help give returning citizens hope for the future and the skills to participate in the workforce.

Our Team

Noah Freedman
CEO & Co-Founder
Noah is an expert in education technology. He has led the software development efforts for multiple education technology products and platforms. He graduated from Princeton University with a degree in a public policy, and worked for two years at Stanford Graduate School of Education. He has previously founded a software consultancy, and a social organization delivering low-cost computers to schools in India, Zimbabwe, and Kenya. Noah co-founded Nucleos when he realized the ability for technology to address the large skills and employment gap for incarcerated people.
Dr. Barry Glick
Chief Programming Director
Dr. Barry Glick is one of the foremost authors of cognitive and behavioral wellness programs in correctional facilities. He is one of the authors of the Thinking for Change program, which is delivered nationwide by the U.S. National Institute of Corrections. He is the author of over 20 titles, and his programs are used in correctional facilities in every state. He is leading the effort to produce self-paced blended digital and in-person cognitive wellness interventions.
David Kamer
David is a software expert with experience leading and managing complex networks for universities and government agencies. He has led multiple software teams to deliver top products and solutions.
Patricia Caruso
Advisor, Correctional Administration
Patricia brings a deep level of experience in the correction administration, and intimately understands how states’ Departments of Corrections can reach their rehabilitation goals. Patricia has spent over 24 years in the corrections business, serving as a warden for nine years and eight years as Director of the Michigan Department of Corrections. While Director of the DOC, Patricia spearheaded a plan to safely reduce Michigan's prison population, and led the Prisoner Re-Entry Initiative to coordinate public, private, state and local agencies to provide re-entry support to people returning to the community. Patricia has also served with the National Institute of Corrections and the American Correctional Association Ethics Committee.
Stephen Steurer
Advisor, Correctional Education
Stephen is one of the leading experts on education and criminology.  He led the Correctional Education Association, served as an instructor in adult and juvenile correctional facilities, he is a Collegiate Professor of Criminology for the University of Maryland University College, and is a teacher trainer and federal program administrator in the Maryland adult and juvenile correctional systems.
Dameon Stackhouse
Advisor, Incarcerated Learning
Dameon pursued his bachelor’s degree while incarcerated in New Jersey. Dameon is currently pursuing his Master’s in social work degree at Rutgers University while working at a social justice non-profit. Dameon plans to go on to achieve a PhD in the field. When he is not working or studying, Dameon advocates for the rights of incarcerated people and returning citizens.
Camila Vega
Board Member, Advisor
Camila Vega is an experienced start-up executive with a background in social impact. Camila helped found Nucleos. She is a start-up consultant, and has worked with several education technology ventures.