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    Our highest priority is to help incarcerated people with the attainment of marketable skills and employment post-incarceration.

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    Education and vocational skills are more important than ever for labor-force participation

Secure Delivery
Secure digital content delivery, with middleware content filtering and message logging
Personalized Content
Personal education and training opportunities with 2,900 technical and vocational courses in over 100 subject areas, with 600 careers and 100+ college degrees, credentials, and certificates
Behavioral Health
Cognitive behavioral health programs including social and emotional skills, Aggression Replacement Therapy®, and drug and alcohol abuse

The Nucleos Learning Platform sits on top of tablets or computer labs, providing:

  • One-stop platform to integrate all of your education and training programming
  • Top-quality programs from existing providers
  • Unified learner record
  • Linkages to outside social services and employment opportunities
  • Continuity in education programming regardless of changes in phone contracts