Stopping the cycle of recidivism starts with self-transformation

At Nucleos, we believe in the potential of people to transform their own lives . That's why we've created solutions to help incarcerated people and returning citizens gain critical skills. Meet some of the people who have used prison education programs to change their lives.

  1. Dameon Stackhouse

    Dameon Stackhouse remembers the moment when the prison’s morning announcements included a call for applicants to a new education program. “That day,” he recalls, “was one of the most joyous days in prison, where you could feel the hope through everybody.” Dameon is now pursuing a Masters degree in social work degree at Rutgers University and plans to achieve a PhD in the field, all while staying active and fighting for the rights of incarcerated people and returning citizens. Read more about his story and how education helped him get where he is today.